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Our Company

Fiolab is a leading human therapeutics company focused on developing and marketing products that deliver unmet medical needs and offer opportunities in our core business areas: Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, and Women’s healthcare.

All our products are developed in GMP laboratories in the United States and Latin America under the most modern manufacturing techniques and thorugh strict Q/A controls that guarantee its excelence

We are focused on building incremental value through strategic partnerships and commercial alliances by engaging in in-licensing opportunities in our main commercial areas.  

Our employees are dedicated and believe in excellence, values, integrity and ethics.  We aim to never settle for good enough… we strive to be better.  It all begins with our business approach and the way we deal with our customers, employees and stakeholders.

Our Compromise

  • Assure to be able to present top quality products to physicians and patients.
  • Constantly study medical and surgical practices in order to only launch products that provide a superior or new therapeutic benefit.
  • Keep a culture of constant innovation that would allow us to always be in contact with the latest scientific breakthroughs.

This enables us to create a competitive advantage in our markets in which we already have achieved leadership in some medical therapies.

We always make sure that each person who is in contact with a product of ours will find the highest quality and a real benefit. This way people will always be satisfied to have chosen our product and trusted Fiolab

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