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Frexen Laboratories - Ophthalmic Division

Frexen Laboratories focuses mainly on development and promotion of ophthalmic products for treatment of diverse ocular affections such as allergies, bacterial and viral infections, inflammations, glaucoma and dry eye.

At the same time we produce and commercialize de most advance surgical solutions in ophthalmology such as viscoelastics, intraocular lenses, irrigation solutions and sutures, to name some...

Frexen products are manufactured in the USA and Latin America FDA GMP facilities under the most strict controls to guarantee the excellence of all products.


Ciprofloxacin 0.5% for profilactic care in ophthalmic surgeries as well as one of the top choices in antibiotic use.
Frex Clean

For eyelid care in higenic use in blepharitis. Frex Clean Foam provides all the ingredients to cleanse the eyelid while protecting the hidrolipidic layer .

SSB Frexen With a combination of salts to simulate the acuose humor to properly hydrate the eye during ophthalmic surgeries..

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