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Our Products

Fiolab focuses its resources in medical and technology fields where it can make a major positive impact on the lives of patients with serious diseases and medical conditions.

Scientific excellence that achieves new standards of care drives the company's work. Over 15 products currently in clinical development addressing a variety of key medical needs.

In addition to Fiolab's promising portfolio of drug candidates, the company's capabilities for product manufacturing are world-class in quality and scale.

Fiolab seeks to develop products that represent significant advancements over current treatments by offering enhanced modes of delivery; more convenient treatment regimens; improved resistance profiles; reduced side effects; and greater efficacy. Through our own internal research and partnerships with universities, medical research institutions and global pharmaceutical leaders, Gilead is rapidly and efficiently making scientific and clinical advancements that raise the standard for new therapeutics that treat life-threatening diseases.

Skin Science

Fiolab Skin Science, the most complete antiage routine.

Frexen Capsules with 25 mg of Lutein for Macular Macular Degeneration.

Our Laboratories have developed over 100 stabilized formulations for all skin therapeutic areas..

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